Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination (Subjective Objective Access Plan "SOAP")

1.  overall health history that may effect your vision, e.g. medication and diabetes



2.  determine current spectacle prescription if available including center distance of the spectacle lenses

3.  determine visual acuity with and without prescription

4.  determine visual acuity with current spectacle prescription

5.  determine pupillary distance

6.  measuring intraocular pressure

7.  objective refraction using auto refractometer

8.  monocular refraction using phoropter including astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia determination

9.  binocular refraction using a trial frame

10. determination of presbyopia


Ocular Motility

11. strabismus tests (including amblyopia "lazy eye")

12. stereopsis tests

13. eye teaming tests

14. colour tests

15. relative contrast determination


Eye Health Evaluation

16. examination of the anterior chamber

17. pupillary reflex

18. extraocular muscle function

19. macroscopic examination

20. retinal examination


Plan and Recommendation

21. explanation of findings

22. explanation available options based on findings

23. recommendation spectacle glasses and/or contact lenses

24. referral to ophthalmologist if necessary

25. education of good eye care


A comprehensive eye and vision examination is not merely determining eye refraction!


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