We provide our customers with a wide range of A-brand optical frames and very good quality lenses in order to cater for the unique need of our customers of all ages.

We have chosen Hoya (Hoya is a leading Japanese lens manufacturer) as our main lens supplier. The reasons behind are simple: they focus on developing and manufacturing the finest quality ophthalmic lenses. They invent the most advanced coating techniques and lens designs to correct ophthalmic imperfections.

Plastic spectacle lenses are available in following index:

Index 1.74 - thinnest en lightest plastic material
Index 1.67 - the most flexible material
Index 1.60 - premium plastic material, suitable for rimless frames
PNX  1.53 - a strong material, suitable for children's frames and for sport.
CR39 1.50 - a basic pastic material

Single vision:
Lenses containing one optical power used to correct a single optical issue such as reading or distance vision.

Lenses that integrate every type of correction; the 'all in one' solution resulting in corrected vision at any distance, all within a 'single' lens.

Photochromic lenses:
With photochromic lenses, the intensity of colour changes according to the level of sunlight; becoming darker in bright conditions and fading to clear in darker conditions. The photochromic lenses can be worn throughout the day, with no need to switch to and from regular sunglasses.

A lens can be tinted for reasons of function or fashion. Whatever the reason, a broad selection from an extensive colour range is offered. For instance, Hoya's Colour Sphere consists of two sections, each containing a series of color pallettes specially selected for their style, functionality and popularity.

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