Enjoy the freedom of contact lenses

When cared for properly, contact lenses can provide a healthy, comfortable and convenient vision correction option.  Contact lenses are safe, comfortable, simple and easy to use and right for almost everyone. They offer you the freedom to see clearly and enjoy life the way you want, free from glasses.
You may feel that you want to try contact lenses because you want to try a more convenient solution to seeing clearly.  You may feel that you don’t always want to wear your glasses and that they can get in the way in some everyday situations.  Contact lenses provde a simple way to change both the way you look at the world and the way you look to the world.  And they offer you a lot of freedom:

 -    Freedom to have the look you want… to say it with your eyes

 -    Freedom to see better: Crisp, clear all round vision

 -    Freedom of movement: Contact lenses don’t fall off or get knocked during sports  during sports

 -    Freedom to wear what you want: Wear fashion sunglasses and change your look easily

Important tips about the contact lenses

-   Contact lenses prescription are not the same as that of eyeglasses
-   Regular check-up of your eyes and contact lenses are very important
    for your eyes’ health
-   Buy your lenses always froma contact lens practitioner
-   Not every contact lens liquid is the same for every contact lens wearer

Progressive contact lenses are an ideal solution for reading problem.








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